The Isis Collar

The Isis Collar - Cat Adams Isis Collar- by – Cat Adams

Holy Moly---I have been following this fantastic series since the start and these books just keep getting better and more exciting with every new addition. Leave it to these women to come up with a heck of a combination of plots to keep us enthralled! Hey! Could they be weaving some kind of magic spell into the book?
Well no matter how they do it, this one was a doozy! This book opens with Celia storming up the steps of a school to be in time to rescue all the children inside from what seems to b e a magical series of bombs. Soon Celia is in horrible pain with a bruise that hurts like knives being stuck into her and headache from Hades that will not go away. Add to that that she seems to be forgetting a lot of things and her vampyness seems to be more sensitive than usual and you have a recipe for disaster; a At least for Celia. Until we realize that this is happening to more people than just her and a lot worse.

Her life is complicated enough but don’t worry they actually get worse since John Creede a level 8 or 9 mage who is helping her goes missing, Zombies seem to be springing up, and a persistent client is bugging her. Her Mother is missing from the island, her sister’s ghost tries to take over the body of another child and things just go downhill from there! Oh, and people keep trying to kill her too.
When all is said and done we are left with a tiny bit of a cliff hanger and a lovely new relationship with TWO of her men. It seems that both John Creede and Bruno want to court her.
The actual Isis collar doesn’t show up until almost the end of the book, but I loved how “Cat” has managed to incorporate it.

The characters are as usual, richly drawn leaving very little for you to have to wonder about, the story is complex without turning into “War and Peace”, there is enough evil and horror happening to keep even jaded readers happy. The mystery aspect is well done and had me looking in the wrong direction, so I was happily surprised when all of the machinations came to light.

This is truly a heck of a ride, and I didn’t want to get off.