Somebody to Love

Somebody to Love - Kristan Higgins This was not the typical Kristan Higgans romance. For one it was written, not in first person as usual but in third person. The heroine Parker is for quite a while, an unsympathetic person. Moreover, this move is unusual for Ms Higgans. Yes, Parker’s Father has treated her like poop for most of her life, yes; he has lost all of the family money. And although James has always seemed to be her father’s sycophant does she ALWAYS have to call James Cahill “Thing One”?
Okay, none of this is actually important because everything that Ms Higgans is known for in her writing is here in this book and in spades! I loved it so much, and I am hoping that there will be other books like this to follow.
Now Parker while not truly spoiled she has always known luxury. She writes children’s books and has donated all the proceeds to charity. She tries not to use her inheritance and she teaches her son Nicky respect and frugality. Parker is an amazing woman. In addition, when she has to move to Gideon’s Cove Maine so she won’t be out on the street, she learns that there is a whole other world out there filled with warm and caring people. Parker finally learns that she can be a strong woman all on her own.

When James follows her out there to help her with flipping a house (and that word ‘house’ is used loosely) he shows his true colors and Parker learns that there is more to James than just being a ‘suck-up’.

There are so many smaller stories within the larger one that there is never a dull moment. This is a warm and sometimes emotional look into the lives of people who have been hurt in the past and who now want to grow up into the best humans they can be. And they do.