By a Thread

By a Thread - Jennifer Estep 4.5 Stars

For first time readers---> you COULD possibly read this as a stand alone, because there is one thing Ms Estep does well and that is recap some of the past events that are pertinent to the book you are reading. But what the's a great series so I say try it from the beginning, but don't get to frustrated when some things get a little repetitious. It WILL get better, I promise!

Like another reviewer I too was going to give up on this series. After all there is only so much I can take when the same story is being told in so many book, and if Gin hadn't finally taken out Mab I certainly would have given up. But with the last book and the novella I came to realize that I can't give up my Gin!

This book makes it all worth while. Yes, it is the usual find someone treating an underdog like poop, hunt them, find them, get sliced up, then slice and dice them until they are no longer of this world. But This book had a little more going for it.

So our favorite assassin The Spider, Gin Bianco finally takes a vacation. Thinks have gotten a little too stressful in Ashland so she and her sister take off a day earlier than their guys, Owen and Finn. Now once they get to the wonderful resort Gin and Bria take a little turn around town and end up in a restaurant owned by Callie the best friend of Bria. And soon all Hell breaks loose. See, there is a ancient Vampire who wants to build on the property that Callie's restaurant sits on. So he send some henchmen in, and do you think that Gin sits idly by while things are broken up around her. While viscous threats are being bandied about? Of course not! Now to throw yet another monkey wrench into their vacation, who should appear as Callie's fiance but Donovan, the man who treated Gin so cruelly in earlier books. Yikes. Don;t worry, it all works out for the best in the end even if we did have to go through many "oh poop" moments!

I think everyone will really enjoy this book, both hard core fans and first time readers...go for it!