Silenced by the Yams

Silenced by the Yams - Karen Cantwell HUGE Cliff-hanger!!!!!!!!!

This series just keeps getting better. I'm so glad that I abandoned my usual practise of not buying authors who under value them selves and jumped at the first book in this series Take the Monkeys and Run: A Barbara Marr Murder Mystery. This series is a combination of slapstick comedy,an Agatha Christie type mystery, the Pink Panther, and a tiny bit of a romance. Those who have read previous books know that there is something about Colt. And of course now that her husband is back in her life...

Well this particular book is filled with not only a wonderful mystery we also have Barbara showing her true colors as a caring human being, a whole bunch of revelations, some drive-by shootings, the usual plot advances and a HUGE and horrible cliff hanger that still has me ticked off.

So take the plunge and go for the Barbara Marr series. I don't think you will regret it !