Spellbound Falls

Spellbound Falls - Janet Chapman Spellbound Falls by Janet Chapman

While many people may consider this novel to be a part of the Midnight Bay series, it really isn't and can easily be read as a stand-alone book.

Ms. Chapman takes her usual plot-line of a woman looking for a flaming affair which then turns into love, to the farthest degree with this book. This is by far the best book she has written to date. And I have read all of them. Many, many times over! This book had so many surprise twists that I periodically had to put it down to mull it over some.

Maximilian Oceanus, better known as Mac, needs a wife. Preferably, NOT one picked out by his father. And one day while he is taking his newly found son Henry to Inglenook for parenting classes, he comes upon Olivia in the process of being manhandled and nearly raped. He can sense that Olivia is going to be good for him; he just doesn't figure that he will fall in love with her. After all he would just be happy to get married to someone he could like than risk his father’s forced marriage. This sounds like the plot for a historical novel doesn't it?

Olivia has been hurt nearly all her life by people, but she is stronger than she knows and she is going to have to be, because when she agrees to have a fling with Mac, she soon finds a passion that she never knew was within her. And soon that passion turns to all out love. Not only is loving Mac going to rock her world but a few truths are going to be revealed that would shock anyone living through it.

Readers of Ms Chapman's books knew from the Midnight Bay Series - Mystical Warrior (Midnight Bay)Dragon Warrior (Midnight Bay Trilogy)who Oceanus was already, and what he was capable of. I just never expected to see his full range of powers used in such a manner, but I should have expected it.

In addition, if you haven't read the three books in that series might I suggest you do so? I promise you won't regret it.
Oceanus seemed to be a little colder than Ms Chapman's usual hero’s, but like I said knowing who and what he is I can see why he may have not have been the most romantic creature/man ever to have lived!

Fall in love with Olivia and Oceanus as he moves heaven, earth, and the oceans to prove his love to her.