A Woman To Blame

A Woman To Blame - Susan Connell 3.5 stars

While most books of the modern romance kind can be somewhat predictable; after all they have to have a happily ever after so we know what will happen in the end, the road to the HEA is usually uncertain with most books. Unfortunately, with “A Woman to Blame” the road to the HEA was a little more predictable than most. What we are told in the synopsis is that Bryn will find out about a life-changing shocker, but simply isn’t as shocking as it could have been.

Bryn has come to the Florida Keys to help when her Grandfather breaks his leg. Pappy as he is called, wants her to redo his Pappy’s Crab Shack restaurant. What he wants and what he ends up with are two entirely different things. Now add in Rick Parrish (Captain Parrish) to the mix. He had his own chair at the Crab Shack; it was his home away from home. Now as he returns from a vacation he finds the Crab Shack closed and all manner of things going on. No more will you be able to eat peanuts and throw the shells willy-nilly. There will be a dress code; there will be fancy food, no more will there be conch fritters and cold beer. Well not if Rick has anything to say about it. So Rick and Bryn get off to an inauspicious start. They are constantly butting heads about the renovation while their hormones run rampant.

Now one of the problems lies with the fact that Rick seems to be hiding something. This is something that everyone knows but Bryn, and she is reluctant to have anyone else but Rick tell her what it is. Had she known, the outcome of the story may have made a bit more sensed to me. The other problem for me is that while it was good for Bryn to back down on some of her ideas for her Grandfathers sake, I felt Bryn compromised her integrity and vision for some hot bed-sport.

I understand that the tension had to come from somewhere, but I have never liked romance stories written for women in which the woman has to do all the compromising.

This was a short and non-taxing story and it will be a perfect read come this summer while laying by the swimming pool or at the beach while sipping a Margarita..