Easy Pickings

Easy Pickings - C.E. Murphy, Faith Hunter Two different women. Totally different women, both with the ability to shape shift, meet in New Orleans. A vastly different New Orleans than we know. One where Hurricane Katrina hasn't hit and businesses that were there yesterday are gone today. One in which the cities top Vamp is now alive instead of permanently dead at the hand of Jane Yellowrock. But it is not Joannes world either. Through a portal they walked the two of them and out of the portal came three and as three they must face an evil power mad Vamp and his minions. Including a stinky Velociraptor type creature. Hopefully they will find there way to their prospective homes and soon!

A unique novella employing both C.E. Murphy's - Joanne Walker(Walkingstick) and Faith Hunter's - Jane Yellowrock characters from their respective series. With both women characters having the ability to shape shift, but only Joanne having Shamanic powers, it makes for an interesting creative collaboration both for the characters and for the authors. You can see which chapters were written by which author quite clearly. While both Joanne and Jane are totally kick-butt characters, each woman is different enough personality wise to please almost any reader.

This is a great book to read if you like either author, both authors or just want to try someone new. As a stand alone I don't think a new reader will have a problem getting into it and then grasping what is going on and hopefully the new reader will come out of the experience with two new author to add to their libraries!