Inked Magic

Inked Magic - Jory Strong
I've liked a lot of Jory's books when she was publishing at Ellora's Cave so I thought that her works would translate fairly well over to the more mainstream publisher; that her work would have a bit more story to it. And while this book did have some more story it still focused more on the sex and in a very graphic manner with frank language.

The idea of Etain being with two such different men (a mafia Don's Son/nephew and and Elven Lord) was unique. I wish that they had tried to make it (their three way relationship) work a bit earlier in the book.

I am not sure if this is the start of a series and that is why so much of the underlying themes, character building and story movement were stunted. The ending left me scratching my head and wondering if some chapters were missing.

The story was very slow to build, never quite coming to a climax. There was so much repetition in dialogue, thoughts, conversations and inner-dialogue that nearly a quarter of the book could have been edited out to make for a tighter and more pleasant read. The idea of a serial killer used in this fashion along with a three-way relationship should have been more exciting, it is a fresh idea. However, it just didn't work. This book just wasn't sure whether or not it wanted to be an erotica with a bit of plot thrown in or a mystery/police procedural/urban fantasy with a ton of sex thrown in.