Confessions from an Arranged Marriage

Confessions from an Arranged Marriage - Miranda Neville Confessions of an Arranged Marriage

Due to a drunken mistake of epic proportions, Lord Blakeney thinks that a sleeping Minerva is someone else and finds himself with his head underneath the skirts of the wrong female. Now he is going to have to marry Minerva Montrose. The very last thing either of them wants to do it to marry each other. Blake, in Minerva’s mind, is a wastrel and a bit of an unintelligent dolt; Minerva, according to Blake is an annoying chit who has high ambitions for anyone she marries. Blake would be content to rusticate and breed his horses, Minerva want to be the woman behind the power of the man she marries and she really,really wants power.

But Blake has a secret which he has been hiding all his life and he really isn’t stupid, he is just too ashamed to tell his wife. Meanwhile he is being blackmailed because fo this secret.

This book is filled with secrets, fibs, machinations and truly some annoying people. The characters of Blake and Minerva can be on one page sweet and loving and I was optimistic for them. Then the next chapter would come and I would want to smack them around for not talking more. The political aspect was quite interesting and seeing someone of the Ducal set think about something other than keeping the power they have, was intriguing. Yet, at times, it was a tiny tad much for me.

The characters a well drawn fully fleshed and quite believable. The narration was interesting, smooth, flowed well and kept me interested in the story. There was enough comedic moments to keep me happy ,and enough heavier events to keep this in keeping with the era.