Living Nightmare

Living Nightmare - Shannon K. Butcher Since finding the very first books and reviewing it for the Vine program I sort of forgot about this series and how much I loved the first book. So this weekend I started reading the series at the pace of one book a day. Which in retrospect may be a very bad idea. The next book [[ASIN:0451412826 Finding the Lost: The Sentinel Wars]] kept me just as engrossed. But I'm finding a subtle differences in the next several books and it is one that I may not really be prepared for. In this book in particular the subject is so dark, the plot so unforgiving that one may despair that anyone could really find a happily ever after. Oh sure, they may find a great guy and have fabulous sex, but to have any kind of life, it just doesn't look as if that is going to be happening anytime soon.
There are so many machinations being woven that I don't really know just who is a good guy anymore and who is a bad guy. Good people are dying (unless they come back using some sort of miracle) The vampires are working toward their own agenda and is it one that will help humanity or just them. And if it only helps them will they desert the cause?

So Nika is finally able to hook up with Madoc and redeem him AND she if finally able to prove that her sister Tori is not dead but being held captive, and she is pregnant to boot.

But as I said there is so much going on with plots, multiple sub-plots,new characters doing strange things,hopeless battles, and the death of a main couple (or so I assume it is a death at least until I read the next book).

There is no MarySue behavior with Ms Butcher's characters, but in this book at least the is a sense of hopelessness that I'm not so sure I can handle anymore.