Running Scared

Running Scared - Shannon K. Butcher Running Scared by Shannon K Butcher

You may want to try to read this first before you’ve tried any of the other books; and while there is enough information in it and details to make it possible to be read alone, I would not suggest it. It is much more satisfying to read them together, but perhaps putting a month or so between each book.

This is the third book in the Sentinel series and if you do as I have been doing and reading them back to back, you may find yourself less than thrilled with what is essentially a great series. Read back to back each book starts seeming like a copy of the last one. Running Scared did take the story in a bit of a different direction and introduce some surprising elements to the readers and that was quite pleasing. It was fun meeting up with the girls Helen and Lexi’s Father and Ms Butcher will be able to take the series in a different direction on that alone. Unfortunately, we did not get to read much about past secondary and tertiary characters, so I’m hoping that their stories will be huge ones.
The hero’s and heroines are the ones I have a problem with – the story for each set seems so similar in that the men meet the women vow no matter what the women will never leave them and the men even become willing to do nefarious things to make the women stay. The women don’t trust the men so they keep making deals with the men. As the reader you know it will all work out in the end, but at this point in time I would like to see things progress a little differently.

I have just started “Living Nightmare” and I am happy to see that so far things may not work out between Nika and Madoc the way these relationships have in the past books.
While there may not be tons of action filled into every page (and thank god for that) there still manages to be a lot going on and with each book in the series more and more secrets are being revealed with each book
There is hope that this series will not become stagnant and a one note wonder. And, since in this book Lexi is working for what appears to be the humans that work for the Synestryn. Not a fun thing to be involved with as you will soon see.. Moreover, Lexi is going to explain how Helen has been brainwashed and the Sentinels are really the horribly bad guys.
There are some very exciting moments in this book and I highly recommend it to anyone who has been following this series.