Kiss of Pride

Kiss of Pride - Sandra Hill Sandra Hill has always been so good at writing Vikings and time-travel. Her earliest works are among my favorite books (The Outlaw Viking in particular) so I think that that is why she thought that if she took her Vikings and stuck some fangs on them and then added a lot of religion into the book that this would captivate her core audience.

This book has all of Ms Hills tried and true moves so if you love her works you may really love this. Unfortunately, it takes more that updating Vikings to Viking Vampire Angels who have sinned to captivate me.

Alex Kelly goes to Transylvania (not not the country, a small town in PA) to write an articles for her newspaper. Her editor believes that this job would be a good thing to take her mind off the fact that the men who kidnapped and killed her husband and 5-year-old daughter, are going on trial soon. Instead, Alex is captivated and enchanted (after a while) by a town that trades in Vampire themed businesses and the hunky Viking who seems to be the head Vampire/Angel/Viking.

I couldn’t get beyond the thinly veiled religious theme and I could not justify the punishments of the Vikings fitting the crimes. Perhaps the later books will be able to justify this.