Driving Mr. Dead

Driving Mr. Dead - Molly Harper I found no problems with the pacing of this book. It is slow to build but it is worth it in the long run. The characters are well fleshed out considering the length of the novella. I loved the ending since we got to revisit some of the Vampires that we have met along the way.

Even though this is a novella, you can plainly see that the characters grow along the way. I would call this a "confusion driven plot", but is also relationship driven since one of the reasons Miranda is taking this trip is to find out if she should break-up with her idiot fiance Jason. Since the story revolves around the problems Miranda and Collin encounter along the way on a cross country trip Miranda is chauffeuring this is where the 'confusion' comes in as they encounter many, many problems (funny) along the way. Watch for the "breasts" scene...I almost wet myself laughing so hard.

I liked how Collin let his hair down so to speak as the trip progressed and I found it interesting to learn just why he was the tight butt way he was.

For $1.99 plus tax you can't go wrong, since this was just a tad longer than the usual novella. You won't need it to fill in the series, but it wouldn't hurt!