Helsinki White

Helsinki White - James Thompson Helsinki White (An Inspector Vaara Novel) [Hardcover]
James Thompson

At the end of Lucifer’s Tears we learn that Kari Varra has a brain tumor, with this novel we find him starting to get ready to have his operation to remove it as thankfully it is benign.

Kari has been asked to run what he believes to be a black-ops operation that will benefit women who are being sold into prostitution. In reality, he and his crew are nothing more than highly armed thugs; collecting weapons, stealing drugs, beating, maiming, and disposing of inconvenient bodies all without a single qualm, Yes in the end we see how this works out well---but it is the trip to the end that was so very uncomfortable.
On the other hand, Vaara has since his tumor removal, can no longer feel emotions (not joy, love happiness or anger, nothing) and is working with the ‘I want/gimmee’ type feelings of a six year old, and with the sexual reactions of a sixteen year old. He is more a sociopath than anything else. This helps us to understand how Vaara can become the cold calculating character he is. I understand that Finns as well as many others in the Nordic communities have a different way to view emotions, but we know from the past books that Vaara CAN feel.

Along the way, Kate his wife has becomes a vacuous, nearly empty-headed drunk and although we can see why she is being the way she is, I can’t admire her for taking the easy way out.

This book is filled with politics and bigotry; the crimes and plot-lines that James Thompson is known for. However, it is also filled with Vaara and his over-inflated ego about being a national hero, and the thought that he has the “goods” on everyone who matters in the government.
Along with the group’s regular work the group has been asked to investigate the death of an immigrant rights activist and a year old kidnapping case with racist overtones. In addition, into the mix we meet a new character from the French Foreign Legion, a Legionnaire…and a person of interest.

In the end Vaara looses it all and I really do mean all…and I hope that there will be a next book so I can see how he is going to cope now that his life has fallen apart again.