Third Grave Dead Ahead

Third Grave Dead Ahead - Darynda Jones Third Grave Ahead – Darynda Jones
If you think you may like to try this book, and are wondering if you could read this as a standalone I would strongly suggest you don’t try it. I have read all three and still need to look back over the first 2 to refresh my memory sometimes. There is a lot going on at all times in Charley’s world.

Charley has bound Reye’s spirit to his human body and he really seems to hate her for it. Every time Charley goes to sleep he appears in her dreams and ravishes her and while that sounds like a yummy thing , the dream sex is just as draining on her than not sleeping is. Now Charley finds herself hunting down a supposed wife killer, making sure the Son of Satan finds his human father whom he supposedly killed ten years ago. In addition, she has to learn how to use her power as a Grim Reaper…ALL of her power. At least that is what Reyes keeps telling her. There is a war coming and she needs to fight the good fight.

I don’t know how Darynda is doing it, but this book is even better than the first 2. Having Charley not sleep (you may have to really push hard to suspend your disbelief that anyone can go two weeks without sleep, but then Charley isn’t really human is she?) and the less sleep she gets the funnier she is. Her sarcastic and irreverent humor is spot on yet again. Cookie is there lending her support and excellent sidekick skills to Charley as well as numerous cups of coffee. Who knew the Grim Reaper had such a coffee habit?

In this book, Charley is eventually getting a Guardian and it sure didn’t end up being who I thought it should be- it is even better than I thought. There is at least one very graphic bloody scene towards the end of the book and if you don’t have a strong stomach you may be tempted to skim over it…try not to as I believe it is a very important scene
Darynda can make you laugh and get you hot and bothered. You will become furious with some people and weep over others.
The writing is just perfect, the characters are multi-layered and even for this type of book they are very realistic. The characters are wonderfully written and come off as people I would really love to be friends with, if they were only real. The narrative is quirky and engaging, with no brooding inner-dialogue to depress you.