Warcry - Elizabeth Vaughan While I am glad to see more of Keir and Lara and am thrilled to see that she is almost ready to have then does have her baby, I don't like the way that Ms Vaughn has changed her writing style and the way that she handles this new story.

Past books were written in 1st person narratives and that was excellent for this type of novel---Lara was supposed to be fairly clueless about these Firelanders or Plains People, so us as readers not being able to read their 'thoughts' kept us on equal footing with the heroine.
With this book, Ms Vaughn has changed to third person narrative and it somehow detracts from the story. I understand completely that this particular book is really not about Lara and Keir, but Atira and Heath, so this may be a way to differentiate the novels. But why fix what ain't broke though?

The action remains exciting but the author's new style of writing more complex and fairly descriptive sex scenes just turned this novel into one of a thousands of similar books. The uniqueness was lost with this book.