Warprize   - Elizabeth Vaughan
A wonderful example of what a romantic futuristic book can be (this is how it is being marketed). This book also has a very lovely historical romance feel to it. Yet never once does it feel like a bodice ripper. This is a sweet and almost innocent love story. The author will give you just enough narrative in the love scene and then leaves enough to our fertile imaginations to fill in the rest.

This is a book that is filled with misunderstanding, since the 'Warprize' really never gets any of her questions answered, nor does she feel it is appropriate to ask so many question since she is only a slave. Or so she was told by her brother; the defeated King who gave her up to the conquering hero, the ultra-blue eyed and very sexy hunk Kier.

Richly written characters, a fully formed world(and I find that unusual with first books in a min-series like this one is), adventurous enough for most people and each book coming after this one will be just as good if not even better, as they go off and deal with their enemies, plagues etc. (I have read the entire series)

This book withstands the test of time and will be a pleasure to re-read in future years as it was the first time you read it. And a big plus is that this is not a book where the hero or the heroine is filled with self-loathing or any angst at all. It was such a pleasure to read a book (series) in which the characters actually are content with themselves.