Death Magic

Death Magic - Eileen Wilks DEATH MAGIC 4.5 Stars

If you have been following this series, you know that the Lupus’ Lady has created them to fight Her Enemy (the one who cannot be named!) and anyone of the Wolves allies are also fighting the good fight. You also know that the FBI has a department that Ruben heads to investigate Magical Crimes. Ruben is a precog. Right? Well in this book we find that he is even more than a precog.

Well things change in this book, almost to the point of confusion and distress on the part of the reader. Things will change so much that you may- MAY decide to not finish the book. But don’t despair, Eileen has a habit of making what looks impossible into the possible and she even makes it plausible.

This was an exciting book that at times could be a bit depressing. However, this book is clearly showing that the series is going to be taking a slight detour from what we have initially come to expect. I for one am very happy because a series can become very stale if things stagnate too much, if the protagonists are always fighting the same enemy. While we are still fighting the Big Bad B*tch in this book, we now have even more evil to contend with, a wedding to still plan, children to take care of and Lily is trying to balance it all - sometimes successfully, sometimes not.
This is something that Ms Wilkes is good about, she knows that even kick *ss women need to have some foibles; the readers have a need to see a bit of themselves in the heroine.

An excellent and thought provoking story from start to finish.