Mortal Sins

Mortal Sins - Eileen Wilks I wish this author would stop with the over-explaining everything, especially how spells work and how all the magical creatures are brought about. The endless backstory, while great for someone just picking up this series right in the middle, is a little over much for long-time fans.

Otherwise, this book was a great edition to the series, with a LOT going on. Anything I say may end up spoiling some part of this book for you...but it really was a wonderful edition. I loved that this book revolved around Rule and Lily, yet had a good sprinkling of Cullen mixed in. New characters are added (probably just for this book although I can thin of one that I would love to see in future novels) and are treated quite well seeing that they are only secondary characters.

Wonderful things will happen with Rules dual Mantles and Lilys dual (lol!) personalities or selves. Toby will play a large part of this book as does his Grandmother.

As I said -a great addition to the series with only a couple of complaints..