Night Season

Night Season  - Eileen Wilks Out of all of Eileen's Lupi books, this one is my least favorite and not just because it wasn't about Lily and Rule. In Night Season, Cullen, Cynna, Gan and several others have been thrown into what is called "the Edge" by a sort of unscrupulous Gremlin. Magic runs rampant in this new realm as well as many things that go bump in the night.

It was difficult for me (since I'm re-reading these back to back) to go from reading a series about werewolves and cops to an entire book based on magic and politics. In addition, this book read a bit more like Sci-Fi than paranormal or speculative fiction.

It was quite interesting and entertaining but I think that much of the narrative took away from what action there was and some of the secondary characters would have benefitted from a little more exposure. The romance part of this book was unique for this series and especially since what we know about Cullen and Cynna isn't all that encouraging in the romance department. Oh, and of course the fact that Cynna has to finally admit that she is pregnant...that was fun! It will be interesting to see if these magical `winds' make for more lupus babies and or other babies of the magical sort.