Turning Point

Turning Point - Lisanne Norman As several other reviewers have said, I don't know how I finished this book. Unfortunately unlike the others who loved this book or who at least continued to read the series, I won't be doing so.

For most of this book I had no clue as to whether or not this was being marketed to extremely young adults or to the adult readership. The characters in this book were stunted and acted like children most of the time. They are in their mid 20's. I realize that the author has to start somewhere and with a series can not fully flesh out the characters or they will leave no room for growth in future books, but this was extremely hard for me as an adult reader to grasp. There was not growth at all.

Much of the plot or should I just say pages, was taken up by repetitive nonsense i.e.explaining what a telepathic bond was, to various characters.

The aliens were not very alien like or at the very least how one would imagine beings of different species to be or act.

There was no growth to the characters and no advancement of the story.

This was an annoying and frustrating read and I'm amazed that I spent the day finishing it. If you like sci-fi with a bit of romance, then try the [[ASIN:0451457730 Stardoc]] series.