His Wife For A While

His Wife For A While - Donna Fasano A bachelor who desperately needs a wife to save his apple farm and a woman who wants a child more than anything, team up to try to solve both of their problems.

I understand that this book had been published a while back and it shows in the story. The problem with it is that this topic has been over-done lately and the theme/story-line is quite predictable. I find that the best genre for this type of story would be a historical romance, since it would seem a little more believable in some ways.
The characters were wishy -washy and had no spark, the dialogue was stilted and false. The authors attempts to modernize this story by adding references to Lady Gaga and other things from the 21century was almost embarrassing.
It was an ultra cute story and while not my particular cup of espresso, it may appeal more to those who love situations like this one.