Smooth Talking Stranger

Smooth Talking Stranger - Lisa Kleypas This review is from: Smooth Talking Stranger (Kindle Edition)
This will be the third time I've read this book (actually this series) and I have yet to grow tired of it or to find that it loses something as the years go by.

With such perfectly written characters, a story line that will keep you turning the pages long after you want to go to sleep and the inevitable HEA, this book shines in the contemporary romance genre. I just had to go and re-read Sugar Daddy as soon as I finished today.
Ella Varner and Jack Travis are as different as night and day...she is Vegan and he likes his steak still mooing. She hasn't really tasted passion and doesn't ever want to get married-he wants it all and can deliver i8t too!

When Ella's sister has a child and then checks herself into a clinic, leaving the infant with Ella who has no clue as to who the father can be, or even what to do with an infant. So Ella takes matters into her own hands and tracks down who she thinks the father could be...Jack Travis rich and unmarried...but nope he isn't the one. And although you could forgive Jack if he had a fit about this, he doesn't and he does all in his power to help Ella and the infant Luke to find a place to live (since her schmuck of a boyfriend doesn't want ANYTHING to do with helping out with the baby for 3 measly months) and to track down the real father.

The characters are totally familiar and sometimes that can be a good thing. Jack is the quintessential Alpha Texan male. Jack is bigger than life and not afraid to throw his weight around. Ella is a bit different as she really believes she won't fall in love or ever want to get married and have kids.

Pacing is not as fast as I normally would like but that is easily ignored by the many characters and deft plotting Ms Kleypas can be known fo