Dark Viking

Dark Viking - Sandra Hill If there isn't another book after this I'm going to have to hunt the author down and chain her to a chair and force her to continue writing books. She ends this book with a "The End---Or is it?" How cruel is that?

This is a funny series with well drawn, believable characters and you just know if they were real they would be among your best friends.

An amusing and briskly moving story line keeps you glued to the page and makes this a fairly quick read. The mystery was such that I just didn't see the person 'whodunnit' until they bit me on the butt, so you will be happy to just go with the flow of the story! Very clever!

While you do not necessarily NEED to read the first bookTake the Monkeys and Run: A Barbara Marr Murder Mystery, I highly recommend that you do. I still wish I had re-read it before I picked Citizen Insane up just to refresh my memory.