Blood Rock

Blood Rock - Anthony Francis Blood Rock - Francis, Anthony

With this second Dakota Frost book, we find that Dakota is facing multiple enemies or so it seems. So much happens in this book that is is nearly too much for the average brain to process.

Dakota is facing graffiti that is coming alive and killing vamps and weres and also just plain humans. Dakota has here adopted daughter taken away from her. She loses her new lover because of the graffiti. The Genty is after her and she ends up with a new position on the Council.

There are many surprises in this book even if there is so much action you nearly can’t process it. I just wish that the author, who is a computer scientist and a PHD, would take the mere mortals that may not have PHD.’s into consideration and just a tone down the Math and scientific stuff. But that’s just me. I would appreciate it so I don’t feel the need to skim so much!

With that complaint aside, I love this series. The characters are fascinating, well drawn and some of them feel like I would be good friends with them if they were real. The pacing is brisk but not mind numbingly so. The action is nearly non-stop. The plotting and story line, while almost comic book like in spots, leaves you wanting more. I can easily see this becoming a very long running series.