The Tantric Principle

The Tantric Principle - Jennifer Probst Arianna needs to relax and de-stress from her busy high-powered Ad exec job. Grant learned a valuable lesson the last time he got involved with a student. Of course if each one stuck to their principles we wouldn't have a book to read! So one weekend they let temptation have the better of them and go for it. Of course the sex scenes are fabulous, but not overly done. The plot (yes there is actually a plot) is good and will keep your interest.

This was not some wham-bam-thank-you Ma'am type of short sex-manual book. A lot of thought and style went into this story. Both characters are well fleshed out which surprised me since you don't normally find that in this genre from most authors.

The Tantric Principle will keep you interested and turning the pages to see if they can both get what they want and need in the end. And who knows, it may make you curious enough to try Tantric Sex.