It's All Greek to Me

It's All Greek to Me - Katie MacAlister It's All Greek to Me - Katie MacAlister

Thank god, Katie followed her formula of writing; actually, I don't think she took one step off the path of the formula she uses. If you are a fan of Katie MacAlister as I had been, then I think you will know what I mean.
The formula? A heroine who is strong, smart and incredibly understanding yet runs off at the mouth inappropriately has sex somewhat too soon, declares her love a bit too soon and is totally irreverent to the ones she loves. A book filled with sly jokes and innuendo. Slapstick.
The sex scenes (and there were reams and reams of them in this book) are typical of past books too. The female (Harry) has an unhealthy fascination with the `hero's' (Yacky) body and typically what she want to do is to lick him -a lot- and in many, many places.

Oddly in this book I got to about 33 percent (reading on Kindle) and thought the book was done, over finished. They met, they had relations, and they fell in love. Yet the book was not done yet. We had to deal with the story and there wasn't much story. Usually Katie's books deal with some sort of mystery even her contemporaries and historical but this- I cannot even begin to tell you that this book was about anything else other than what I've already described. Mouthy writer meets hunky Greek billionaire, has sex, falls in love, has a tiny bit of conflict and misunderstanding with Yacky, deals with an alcoholic brother of the hero, resolves the issue(s) sort of. and they live happily ever after. Which you must do in contemporary romance and Katie does always give us that!

Formulaic to the end .

Oh and if you are reading this on Kindle be aware that the book does NOT end at the page that tells you to "click here to see more books by this author." An entire epilogue is important to the resolution of the `story' follows that page..