Jamie's Cherub

Jamie's Cherub - Gail Faulkner Jamie finds his fated mate in of all places a wedding. Emma is the mother of the bride. A werewolf had horribly abused her and he was the one that got her pregnant with her daughter. After a show of trust on Jamie’s part, Emma decides to trust him and to bed him. And up until then the story is fabulous---it is once we get to the wedding rehearsal and certain event unfold that the story takes a strong spiral downward.

At the rehearsal Jamie’s brother injects Emma with a serum that is going to change her on a cellular level and it even included a Vampire ‘virus’. The only thing that will save her and keep her sane is sex. And not just plain vanilla sex, but a lot of submissive sex. And I mean A LOT!

While I know that not all erotica has a good story behind it; it at least has something you can lose yourself in, and this book does not have any that. As a matter of fact Emma and her daughter become such comic book characters that I just could not stop myself from laughing at most of what I was reading. That doesn’t say a lot about the writing or the heat of the erotic scenes.