Fate's Edge

Fate's Edge -  Ilona Andrews Fate’s Edge – Ilona Andrews

This is Ilona Andrew’s third book in the “Edge” series. This series is about places that have a lot of magic, places that have little magic and the place that has no magic. This is also a romance, but a sort of, thinly veiled one. Each book in this series is about different couples and what they have to do to stay alive in the Edge. Along the way they of course, fall in love and get married.
This book can be read as a standalone, but since so many past characters play a huge part in this novel, I suggest that you try to read the first two, but most especially the first one. “---------“

Out of the three novels to date, this is my least favorite. It started strongly with good action and character development, but about half way it petered out and I was left being slightly bored. The ending just seemed very formulaic to me with nothing to surprise and shock the reader.

As a fan of Ilona’s I can’t say that I’m sorry I bought and read this book, but, I don’t think I would recommend this very highly to a person new to this author.