Brianna - Judy Mays Brianna (Celestial Passions) by Judy Mays FREE!

This book surprised me. It was a free book and I usually don’t expect much from freebies What I didn’t notice was that this is an Ellora’s Cave publication and I’ve come to expect decent erotica from them. Ellora’s Cave books generally have good editing and decent story lines and most times a plot too! .
This book has everything I love in an erotica, although the level of heat in this book makes it somewhat more like a strong in sexual content contemporary romance than true erotica.

This is part of the Celestial Passions series, but apparently, this is the first book in it. The only thing I find disappointing is that this series didn’t seem to go any farther since there seemed to be so much potential.

This novel has a very strong heroine, although she doesn’t really show her strength until nearly half way through the book. It also has a very interesting story-line that makes this a tad more than just erotica. This novel has a sci-fi bent to it, but don’t expect for it to be totally believable sci-fi (you know what I mean!).

All in all a very satisfying read.