The Warlord Wants Forever

The Warlord Wants Forever - Kresley Cole Warlord Wants Forever

In this novella we finally learn how the series would have opened if there had been a first book. It was interesting to read about all the Valkeries in this manner since we have learned so much about them individually now.

This may be one new readers may want to pass on though. It seems to be a book more for those who have already read all or most of the series, since you really don’t find out anything in this book that you don’t learn from the later books Aa 1.99$ for the e-book it certainly is worth it for the hard core fans of Ms Cole’s.

This book has more of a feel of erotica to it and not really in a good way. Ms Cole usually has a great way with words and using them to paint wonderful scenarios, mysteries and action; but her ability for that falls somewhat flat when trying to write submissive females in more hard core sexual situations than the average romance usually calls for. If anything this story reminds me more of a Laurell K Hamilton book than a Kresley Cole book..