Stardoc - S.L. Viehl Stardoc by S. Viehl

This is a series of 10 novels, and I hope we see more. Not all of the books are still in print or have yet been turned into e-books. That is a shame; but it is a series that is well worth the trouble of trying to find them through the other seller’s option on Amazon. This is true Sci-Fi with an underlying theme of romance, but not cloying romance.

Dr Cherijo Grey Veil is a remarkable Doctor. She leaves Earth to use her talents in another world with many different species and to escape her smothering father. . But she also carries a secret, and this is one that is revealed fairly slowly over the course of several of the books.
The biggest question is, is she truly human and sentient?
Cherijo will fight many battles in the next few books, one of the biggest is proving her sentience and remaining far away from her ‘father’ and creator. She has many problems with several men in her life and will prove that while brilliant, she is sadly lacking in the male/female aspects of life. Sometimes this is humorous and sometimes it is downright heartbreaking, as you will see if you read the series.

Each book continues to show us what a strong female protagonist she is, with a lovely sort of snarky attitude that absolutely works for her character. Sometimes she can come off as a “Mary-Sue” sort of character but Ms Viehl makes it work to be believable to the reader.

This is a highly enjoyable, very exciting series with a strong female protagonist and I recommend this series to those who enjoy SciFi with a small dose of romance.