The Trouble With Harry

The Trouble With Harry  - Katie MacAlister The Trouble With Harry –by Katie MacAlister

Harry has had it trying to bring up his 5 boisterous children all by himself. He is lonely and at sea since the death of his wife during childbirth 5 years ago. He is not one to leave the country nor is he one to go shopping for a wife amongst the ‘ton’. Sp he has his man of affairs put an add in the newspaper advertising for a wife.

Who he finally ends up with is someone who has a lot of secrets and a true love for connubial calisthenics. Probably because she wrote the book on them…literally!

This is another delightful entry into Katie’s historical series and one I wish she would extend to more entries. We have well thought out characters, an interesting story, mystery (who is trying to harm Harry’s children?) and a whole bunch of laughs.

I highly recommend this book along with “Noble Intentions” another of my very favorite ‘Katie’ historical romance books!