The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon: A Novel

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon: A Novel - Stephen King Stephen King has the spectacular ability of taking our deep seated fears and turning them into our worst nightmares. With “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” he has done it again.

Have you ever gone hiking and went off trail to do your business without your hiking companions knowing where you were or what you were doing? Did you ever imagine that you could get lost even a few yards away from a well-traveled trail? Now imagine if you were a 9-year-old girl. Perhaps you have had a little wilderness training, would it be enough to spend many nights alone in the wilderness with nothing to eat but a small bagged lunch, nothing to drink but one soda and one bottle of fresh water and a surprisingly undamaged walkman that is the only thing keeping you sane. Now how would you feel if you thought something was stalking you through the forest just waiting for you to give up?

Stephen King does it again with his wonderful portrayal of a child faced with a truly adult situation. The terror for the character that Mr Kind forges for the reader is classic. This will become one of those King novels that you read and re-read and still feel the terror of and for Trisha and the hopelessness of the situation.