Unleashed: A Dark Ones Novella

Unleashed: A Dark Ones Novella - Katie MacAlister I have pretty much given up on Katie’s book. Perhaps I’ve just out grown the types of heroines and hero’s she writes about. Maybe I need a heroine who is a bit less clueless at times. Well whatever it is, I just had a burning curiosity to read this one. A Shape shifting Vampire and a so called “kitty whisperer”? I mean what could be so bad about this. Luckily, nothing!

This was classic Katie, writing in the manner of the first of her Dark One’s books. If I have one complaint, it is that a bit of the ending is a little disjointed and unbelievable at times. But then again it IS speculative fiction and as such, we are forced to suspend out disbelief. I love the idea of Shifter/ Vampires and I hope that this will be something that is revisited in later books. Perhaps I’ll come back into the fold then!