Highlander for the Holidays

Highlander for the Holidays - Janet Chapman Janet Chapman does it again. This is the one author of a very few, that I know will never ever disappoint me. Ms Chapman can take an unlikely pairing of people and twine their stories and lives into something delicious and sexy to read. Moreover, “Highlander for the Holidays” is no exception. A lovely, sweet, and somewhat surprising love story mixed with a very non-taxing rather easy to solve mystery. This was just what I need during the holidays.

This is the story of Jessie Pringle and Ian MacKeage and the magic that surround TarStone Mountain and all the MacKeage’s. Jessie has lived through a brutal attack that left her husband and unborn child dead. She suffers from memory loss as well as horrible flashbacks. Ian is suffering from the knowledge that he is filled with the magic that will keep him tied to TarStone Mountain. Now Jessie’s memory is coming back to her; with a little help from the Hermit/Druid Jessie meets, and what she is remembering will be very dangerous to her health AND Ian’s indeed.

This is one author that I can highly recommend for all kinds of Romance readers. Ms Chapman’s books generally have it all. There are impossibly wounded characters that generally have some sort of chip on their shoulders. Strong women characters, very sexy head strong and opinionated men, time travel, magic and But not vulgar sex, just truly romantic and soul healing loving.
Even though this book is part of a long running series, there will be no problem reading this as a standalone. Please take my word for it…if you like this book, please try the earlier books. I don’t think you will be disappointed.