The Kept Woman

The Kept Woman - Susan Donovan
This is what I consider one of my "comfort reads", a book I read just because I love it so much and one that I pull out anytime nothing else would seem to do.

The story is excellent with just a touch of "pop-corn" read to it. The characters are well developed and they grow even in the short time this book allows us.

The premise may not be a new one, but it is handled perfectly, giving us laughter and even some tears.

When a comment is made in passing (and jokingly) in front of her friends about becoming a "kept woman", the comment is soon passed on to a womanizing politician who could use a ready made girlfriend/fiance with a family in tow.

Of course because this is a romance it doesn't hurt that they are both gorgeous and sexually attracted to each other! While fighting off Jacks overbearing mother, the paparazzo and various others who would like to be in Jack's bed both figuratively and literally and while trying to keep this relationship to a business deal...things change, feelings change, people change. And thankfully they all change for the better.

While the idea that a woman could become kept in the loosest non-sexual sense of the word, may rankle a few readers, I would go for it anyway since things all even out in the end and truth and justice will prevail.

Ms Donovan is one of my very favorite contemporary romance authors. She consistently write good comedy, lovely romantic scenes, excellent characters that you could just see yourself being friends with and she always keeps you on your toes with her plots.