Red Phoenix

Red Phoenix  - Kylie Chan I decided that after my rather harsh review of White Tiger I would give the second book in this series a chance just to see if the author decided that over-writing a novel to make it a very long novel, is not the way to keep readers happy. Some readers enjoy a sparer sort of prose. Well Ms Chan still uses pages and pages to describe something that could have/ should have taken just paragraphs. I almost get the feeling that the author thinks her readers are not the sharpest knives in the drawer and needs to keep repeating herself so we will ‘get it’.
I realize that this isn’t a ‘romance’, but if there is going to be a scene where that protagonists make love I think that there should either be a little more description or even less. Anything has to be better than (paraphrasing) “he held her down and then fell on her”.

I’m still not happy with this novel, but I have to admit that this book had way less flaws than White Tiger.