A Taint In The Blood (Kate Shugak, #14)

A Taint In The Blood (Kate Shugak, #14) - Dana Stabenow This is my umpteenth re-reading of this series and I still come away amazed at how this author can write a mystery. I love how the author can take Kate (us really!) out of the park and plop Kate in the city and have it be a smooth transaction this time. For those of us that have already read to the last book published, we have seen how Kate has grown, has become a bit of a player and has learned to use her strengths and not always her brute strength and Mutts snapping teeth! Although in this book Mutt does get to take a chunk out of someone and that is always fun for the fans.

Kates relationship, (for lack of a better word), with Jim seems to be turning a corner in this book and I like it. Jim doesn't but I do!

The mystery in this book was complex and really had me guessing...my jaw still drops in astonishment every time I read this book.

If I had one complaint it is that this book had so many side characters that I almost needed a score card. This book lacked a lot of the history we are used to but then again, it lacked a lot of the 'preaching' that the author is famous for and I for one was a little happy about that.