Hunter's Moon

Hunter's Moon  - Dana Stabenow If you have been reading this series from the start, you must have some idea that this book is a pivotal book in this series. As the synopsis says, Kate and Jack and others are on a guiding expedition for German business Executives. Soon the expedition turns into something it was never meant to be. Kate and Jack will soon be finding themselves becoming the hunted and not the hunters.

This was the most emotionally charged books of Ms Stabenow's that I have ever read. When I first read it in hardcover, I refused to go on with the series after what happened in this book. Luckily I restarted the series with my Kindle and slowly but surely have been working my way to this book by reading in both directions. It has since become my favorite of all the books. It is packed with action, suspense, mystery, adventure, joy and sorrow. It will bring you a new meaning to the word grief.

It is also the book that will be introducing or rather re-introducing someone we know and perhaps lust over, in a completely new roll. The next books will be all the more intense because of what Dana allows to happen in "Hunter's Moon".

I hope you loved this book as much as I did, even if it did take me two tries to get it right! ENJOY!