Motion to Suppress

Motion to Suppress - Perri O'Shaughnessy It has been quite a while since I have read this series, so I thought I would re-read it and to see if I would like it as much as the first time when I got it from the library. It certainly withstood the test of time for me. I truly enjoyed this, although I do have to admit that some of the legal and courtroom aspects were a bit too much for me. Sometimes bordering on the point of annoying -almost like filler. But since this is the first in the series I made allowances,

There are 13 books in this series and each one seems to get more complicated and exciting than the last one. As each book goes by old threads are tied up, the characters grow and blossom, relationships are fleshed out and the characters become more believable and endearing.

Nina Reilly is an attorney with a young son and a new divorce of her own. She is just striking out with her own law practice and one of her first cases is a divorce case that soon becomes a murder defense case. If anything can go wrong with this case, it does. That aspect made for some frustrating, but interesting was amazing for me to see how the O'Shaughnessy sisters made this book come alive. A lot of the plot is pretty amazing (defending a person with amnesia?), nearly implausible but in real life even crazier things have happened.

It is very interesting to see things that had been happening in the mid-90's change so much when read in 2015.

There is a possibility of romance, but though that takes up some of this book, it is not the focus of this book.