Two for the Dough

Two for the Dough  - Janet Evanovich So Stephanie is still doing her bounty hunter gig and still making a hash of it. This is the second book in a 20 book series and it finds Stephanie looking for Kenny Mancuso (who turns out to be a total sociopath) and is distantly related to Joe Morelli. Joe and Stephanie go way back. All the way back to when he stole Steph's virginity at the Tasty Bakery where she worked. This happens right behind the eclairs on the floor and I will never look at those cream filled, chocolate covered pasteurizes with the same light again.

To make things even more interesting, Spiro, Constantine Spiva the undertakers step-son has hired Stephanie to look for a bunch of caskets that have gone missing.

This is one of the more complicated books in this series, since it finds Stephanie looking for too many people with too little time to find the one she needs to collect the bounty. Plus Grandma Mazur is helping Stephanie with this job. Oy! The job gets a little more complicated when we find out that this all has to do with guns and army surplus caskets missing from one of the bases.

Soon body parts from the funeral home are getting sent to Stephanie, Grandma gets attacked and things are going to heck in a hand-basket.

But never fear, everything will work out in the end.
There is an interesting and hilarious scene between Stephanie and Joe, when they start steaming up the windows and seem to be getting ready to take their relationship to the net level. Be sure not to skim that scene. Your jaw will drop and you might lose a little drool imagining Joe in the buff.

A fun, light mystery/romance. Very little romance.