Heat Rises

Heat Rises - Richard Castle Heat Rises (Nikki Heat Book 3) by Richard Castle
With the background in these books following along with real events in NYC, this story took place during one of the coldest snowiest winters in the last hundred years. Better historically accurate writing I couldn’t find anywhere else! At least not in this type of book
A dead priest in a S And M club starts off what quickly becomes a story filled with red-herrings and things that will make you assume things perhaps you shouldn’t.

I have to say, that out of the three books written so far this is by far the most complicated mystery, and gave me plenty of enjoyable hours contemplating the “who-dun-it” aspect. There are many shocking plot twists, armed chases, drug lords and enough assorted other evil seeming characters to satisfy the most hard-boiled mystery aficionado The fact that we are left with a cliff hanger in Nikki’s personal life was mean, mean, mean and I loved it!. I cannot wait for the next book