On What Grounds

On What Grounds - Cleo Coyle Although this book was written first in 2003, this series, or at least this very first book seems to have withstood the passage of time. Some things will seem a little dated but not enough to take away from the pleasure of the book.

This book does hit a few of the genres formulaic points that make this a tad less than pleasurable to read. For one, it does delve a bit too much in the back-story or history of coffee. It is understandable since that is where this series is taking place and is an important aspect to the book. However, the author can get a little overly enthusiastic at times and even a bit insulting in her opinions.

Secondly, at least from the perspective of this book and none of the others, the author is jumping on the multiple romantic possibilities just like many other coy authors that deal in food or drink.

The plot was well developed and the characters while sometimes very annoying are not one-dimensional and seem as if the possibility of growth is there.

I do not like the idea of Clare’s ex mother-in-law pushing Clare and her ex together so hard. It started grating on my nerves and was very frustrating when there was so much bad back-story to the ex-couple.

Only time and reading of more of this series will tell me if it is going to be a winner or not. Nevertheless, so far so good and I am going to read the next on in the series