Exclusively Yours

Exclusively Yours - Shannon Stacey 4.5 STARS

This is a wonderfully cute novel dealing with the 'what ifs' we so often feel when we hit a certain age.

Joe and Kerri were teen-aged sweethearts and Joe had always thought things would progress on from there. Kerri on the other hand, felt the need to explore life, to go off to college and have a career. Well now she has a career and so does Joe. Joe is a reclusive famous author, and Kerri...well she works in the media and her boss knows that Kerrie used to date Joe and now is black-mailing Kerrie to use her history to get a review from Joe.

Joe excepts, but only on his terms which is to spend two weeks camping out with his very large and rambunctious family. For every day she stays he will answer one question. Most of this family are having marital issues themselves and Joe just wants to get back together with Kerri.

This is a wickedly and slyly funny novel, with finely fleshed characters and very believable dialogue. I love that the author did not make Joe one of those overly brooding characters. He is funny, hopeful, warm and caring. He has depth. Kerri may seem a bit shallow for putting her career towards the front of her life, but stick with her...she will surprise you. This is the first novel I have ever read by this author, but I can honestly say it will not be my last one. This was a thoroughly engaging story that I just couldn't put down.