The Stranger You Seek

The Stranger You Seek - Amanda Kyle Williams The Stranger You Seek

A killer with a penchant for knives is stalking victims in steamy late summer Atlanta, Georgia.. APD Lieutenant Aaron Rauser is on the case but he knows he needs help. He needs the kind of help that comes from ex-FBI analyst Keye Street. Keye has a bit of a checkered past and has been proven not to be a good bet, but she is still one of the best analysts around, even if she did have a bit of a drinking problem at one time. Now Keye is a sober private detective and skip tracer. You may even find her tracing a missing cow at one time or another.

Now with this killer preying on Atlanta, Keye is going to help her best friend Aaron hunt a killer. That is until they become the hunted.

This was an amazing series debut. This book is filled with the best writing I have seen in quite a while. The character of Keyes is drawn so well and so in-depth that I feel like I really know her. Keyes is bold, funny, loving and flawed. The story is completely intriguing and complicated but not confusing. There are enough red herrings to keep you on the edge of your chair and keep you guessing. “The Stranger You Seek “is so well plotted that I don’t think anyone could fault it. This book is tautly written and the attention to detail is seamless, and although so much detail can sometimes bog down a story, Ms Williams delivers it expertly and with pinpoint timing. This book is written with so much finesse and is so believable that I never had to suspend disbelief for any of it.

The ending is spectacular and satisfying yet also leaves you wanting more.

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