Hot Flash

Hot Flash - Kathy Carmichael Hot Flash by Kathy Carmichael

Jill Morgen Storm is on the hunt for a man. Specifically a salesman so she can live by the adage that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” or some such folderol (think three weeks of travel and one week of Mind Blowing Sex ( Or MBS as Jill calls it)! True to the romance genre and its formula, Jill is down on men due to past relationships, is perky, cute, and funny and has lovely breasts and a teen-age son with issues but is brilliant in the arts. She has an interesting job and guys just seem to love her and she meets the salesmen that she is hankering for. But of course this will not be the type of man she eventually ends up with…oh no not at all.

Jill for the first third of the book is constantly exclaiming about being "forty flipping years old" and if she had said it one more time, I would have most likely thrown my Kindle out of the window. The character of Jill is extremely shallow and self-centered, immature for the age she is, and seems annoyingly entitled. The secondary characters are fairly well written but not very interesting.

One major issue I had is that the author would throw something at us (like the problem that Stephen’s father is a cross dresser or has had a sex change?) and not bring us up to speed on it. The problem was hinted at and sort of discussed among the characters, but never to the point of explaining what happened. In addition, the author does this several times with plot [points that could have used further explanation.

I find this to be annoying since I find that I think I must have missed something important and then need to re-read. This is NOT the only time this author does this in this book. This is a well seasoned author and doing things like this surprised me and makes me a little shy about buying any of Ms Carmichael’s other books.