Hard Candy

Hard Candy - Angela Knight, Sheri Gilmore, Morgan Hawke Hard Candy- Angela Knight, Morgan Hawke, Sheri Gilmore

If you find yourself titillated and curious about threesomes then you may want to start your journey with this book .It is by three totally different authors with three distinctly different writing styles.

Many of us have read Angela Knight and her Mageverse books but many don’t know that she has a bit of a more erotica bent too. It certainly shows with some of her love scenes in her non-erotica. Ms Knight has a flair of blending a good story with steamy love scenes.

Sheri Gilmores story was the least favorite of mine but still well worth reading for a slightly different point of view. This story combines an aspect of threesomes that some may be a tad uncomfortable with but is elegantly and sensitively done in this book.

Lastly “Fortunes Star” is my favorite and the longest of the stories. Morgan Hawke is a gem of an erotica author and she certainly knows how to add sci-fi to the mix. The men in this story are very, very unique.
This story combines the uniqueness of this particular species/man, magic, and bi-sexuality and is all wrapped up in a great space drama background. Ms Hawke has written at least three other books set in this type of world. I can recommend at least two of her other sci-fi eroticas along with this one.