The Twilight of Lake Woebegotten

The Twilight of Lake Woebegotten - Harrison Geillor

If you are a fan of parodies, satire or spoofs. If you loved Twilight, if you hated Twilight OR if you just like to read intriguing, humorous, lovingly weird books. On the other hand, perhaps Garrison Keillor and his Lake Woebegone Novels intrigue you. No matter what piques your curiosity, just get the darn book and have fun readin’!

I'm so surprised that this book was so freakishly enjoyable, since I’m not big on reading parodies. Even if you don't have any knowledge firsthand about "Twilight" you will most likely enjoy this book, especially if you read any sort of speculative fiction.
This book has it all: parody, comedy, sarcasm, Love sociopathic heroines, handsome vampires, and a ton of secrets.

When Bonnie Greyduck (think Bella Swann) has to leave her hometown in sunny California and her mother due to rather unfortunate and bloody circumstances, she moves in with her rather clueless father, who is Police Chief in Lake Woebegotten,Minnesota. There she meets the very handsome and aloof Edwin Scullen who is hiding a secret…yep he’s a vamp, but the good kind that don’t eat people! Moreover, Bonnie just falls all over herself to become Edwin’s girlfriend once she knows his secret. I mean, just think what sort of mayhem a sociopath can wreak if she can become immortal?

Oh I did so love this book, though I admit to having read the original Twilight series, I just don’t think it is necessary for you to have done so in order to find this a funny and satisfying read.