Sexiest Vampire Alive (Love at Stake, #11)

Sexiest Vampire Alive (Love at Stake, #11) - Kerrelyn Sparks Vampires live! And it is up to one of the youngest to help the human government assimilate that information. Now it is up to Gregori Holstein to either prove that the video showing vampires at their worst is a hoax or to persuade that Vampires are not the bad guys humans think they are.
Everyone thinks that Gregori is a playboy, that is until he meets the nerdish seeming presidents daughter Abby Tucker. Abby has been trying to find a way to save her mother’s life and she and her father soon come to realize that having a Vampire at your back may be one sure way of getting what you want without getting caught. What a perfect way of killing two birds with one stone. Vampires can come “out” with the White House’s backing and Abby can travel to dangerous parts of the world with Gregori without other governments knowing it.

However, what Gregori and Abby never foresaw was their attraction to each other and that sure does complicate things.

A welcome addition to the series and one of the best. Although if you are tired of the over brooding, inner dialoguing, self-recriminating dark protagonists and the women who try to love them, you may want to go elsewhere.